by Ed Chasteen

Biking to breakfast in either place is a ride worth taking. Up Interurban Road from Ferrelview through Camden Point to Dearborn is 17 miles of straight and flat open country on a road once the route of a train carrying passengers between Kansas City and St. Joseph, now carrying trucks and tractors to corn and soybean fields, and on gorgeous days like today, sharing the road with hundreds of bikers.

From Biscari Brothers Bicycles in Liberty the 25 miles to Smithville take us along a maze of alphabet streets that twist and turn every now and then, up and down hills, past new schools and homes, to open county, alongside a large lake and then to a mom and pop cafe for breakfast.

According to our spring-summer schedule that came out three months ago, we were to bike to breakfast today at Cook’s Corner in Smithville. But since that schedule came out, Cook’s Corner has closed. So on short notice, we needed another place to go. Reason with me now.

Cook’s Corner once was in Dearborn. We went there for years. Then one day when we went there, it was closed. No place then to go in Dearborn. So we didn’t go . Our favorite road had no breakfast. We had no reason to ride.

Then Cook’s Corner opened in Smithville. But we already had Lowman’s as our go-to breakfast place in Smithville. Then Lowman’s, after 20 years, closed. So to Cook”s Corner we went. For a time too short.

In the meantime, a new place opened back in Dearborn, bringing with it a revival of our reason to ride Interurban. The new place is on the right in the long one-room building just as Interurban comes to county route Z and is named Dearborn Cafe. Years earlier this building housed Logan’s Bar & Grill, to which we biked to breakfast a few times. After Logan’s closed, Cook’s Corner a while later appeared.

The first time we went to Dearborn Cafe, our young waitress told me her name was Logan. In response to my obvious question, she said, “My grandfather used to own this place.

So today, instead of Cook’s Corner in Smithville we return to our roots in Dearborn, as close, at least, as the comings and goings of small town cafes will allow.

So to all our riders a few days ago, I sent an email correction. Rather than leave from the bike shop in Liberty for a ride to Smithville and breakfast at Cook’s Corner, we would instead meet at the Christian Church in Ferrelview and ride Interurban Road to Dearborn for breakfast in a place named for the town.

Riders today (in order of sign in) Bernd Abele, Eddie Atkinson, Dennis Helt, Rick Miller, David Wood, Terry Clark, Adrian Munoz, Amy Davis, Terry Sharp, Dan Mack, Jennifer Canchoa, Jim Braden, Richard Woodruff, Greg Snodgrass, Mike Nason, Craig Leff, David Eaton, Bill Hessel, Mark Maston, Stefanie Smith, Ed Chasteen. And one other rider I saw as we left Ferrelview. He didn’t stay for breakfast. I can’t remember his name. For that I apologize.


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