A Baptist Church and a Catholic College

2017 by Ed Chasteen

“Simply profound and profoundly simple: a formla for building human beings. That’s what an early reviewer of our HateBusters book said. Our book is called, How To Like People Who Are not Like You.

Our book is not for sale. We give it away. Anyone can download an E-copy by pressing Ctrl click on www.hatebusters.com

Even today some folks prefer to read a book rather than a computer, a tablet an I-phone or some other device. So HateBusters goes to Pittman Printing just up the street from my home, our HateBusters Headquarters, and asks Kenan and Hank to print a thousand books. When I have given these thousand away to folks who ask for them, I begin again.

I had recently given all our books away when a Baptist Chuch in Georgia and a Catholic College in Iowa asked for copies. Back to Kenan I went. Years ago when we started doing this and needed a cover for our book, I asked Kenan if she would make the cover. It’s a marvelous depiction of the theme of the book.

I picked up the first 25 copies of this most recent run a few weeks ago and mailed them to the pastor of the Georgia church. Then just yesterday over breakfast with the college professor from Iowa, I gave him a box of 36 books.

I know how weird and counter-intuitive it seems to give our books away. And not only books. We never say no when asked to help where hate has come to hurt. We work for free. We never ask those who need help for money.

We have expenses. Bills to pay. But I cannot quit thinking of something that happened to me one summer, 30 years ago now.

I was riding my bicycle from Orlando to Seattle to Anaheim all by myself and with no money,asking for exactly what I needed (a drink of water, a sandwich, a bed for the night) at exactly the time I needed it. No one ever said no. Occasionally someone would give me money. A few mornings I woke up with money in my pocket and a feeling I couldn’t pin down that something was not right. I began to questioin myself. What is different? What has changed? Well, I had some money. Was that the problem? Only one way to find out. The next ttime I was given money rather than a meal, I left the whole $20.00 to cover the $9.95 cost. Broke again the next morning, I had to explain myself to everybody I met to make it through the day. I felt great, and that nagging doubt never returned.

Money was the problem. With it I had no need to talk to everyone I met. You and I are meeting now in cyberspace, in virtual reality. I would prefer to sit with you over breakfast in your favorite cafe in your town and tell you my need. I would say, “Hello, my name is Ed Chasteen. My students and I at my college started HateBusters. We help people hurt by hate. We teach people how to like people who are not like them.

I have come to explain my need. I need to raise $4,000 to pay for the 1,000 copies and the mailing expense.”

Ctrl click on www.hatebusters.com and click on donate. Please donate using PayPal. Any amount will help and be appreciated. Or mail your check to HateBusters, Box 442, Liberty, MO 64069.

I will keep you posted as we give our book away. Please request books if you know a need they might address.


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