Current Occupant a Contaminant

2017 by Ed Chasteen

simple truth is a foreign concept banned from the white house by current occupant. his insistent claim to have won the election by the biggest margin ever is both demonstrably false and totally unnecessary, as is his claim to have had the biggest audience on hand to watch his swearing in.

while claiming as “fake news” all reports that do not flatter him, current occupant never mentions his legitimate claim to a historical first, a guinness book record all his own, most likely to stand for all time, loser of the popular election by the greatest number of votes ever to move into the white house.

current occupant brags that he is a billionaire and refuses to show his tax returns because they will show that he is not. and will further show the sources of his income, diminishing him in his own eyes and in the opinion of those he pretends to care about.

a contaminant was loosed in this country last november and now runs amuck, devouring civil discourse, elevating hate, making us all less, the bully pulpit now used to bully. and when those who put current occupant in the white house discover that he has no idea how to solve their problems and no wish to find out, where will they go? What will they do?

a polluting or poisonous substance that makes something impure : a definition of both contaminant and current occupant. explaining also why there are no capital letters in this message.


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