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June 13, 2016

My name is Ed Chasteen. I am 80 years old. I map my life by the presidents who have served in my lifetime: FDR for my first 10 years brought CCC and WPA for my dad and Social Security for my grandmother. HST when THE WAR ended. DDE when the interstate highways came. JFK when we went to the moon. RMN when China opened. GRF guided the nation through the resignation of his predecessor. JEC brought a national energy policy. RWR ended the cold war. GHWB wanted to make America a kinder, gentler nation. WJC brought the Health Security Act, AmeriCorps and a balanced budget. GWB provided Medicare prescription drug benefits for seniors and funding for the AIDS relief program. BHO brought the Affordable Care Act, providing health insurance to millions.

Now we are about to choose our next president. If Donald Trump did not aspire to speak for our nation, I would still find his language and demeanor insulting, but would grant him the same right I claim for myself to say what I think. But since he does aspire to the presidency, I promise to use what little influence I have to oppose him. His views, his language, his proposed actions, his entire approach to problems and to people enflame our present enemies and grow their numbers, making our success ever more doubtful and difficult.

If Trump is triumpfant, the Ugly American will have won a hollow victory, destined by history to be known as a time of loud, thoughtless, ignorant, ethnocentric behavior. As sound and fury. Signifying nothing. Making everything difficult.

Admiral David Farragut at the battle of Mobile Bay in America’s Civil War saw his ship surrounded by mines. Survival seemed unlikely; victory impossible. But his defiant order inspired his crew to heroic effort that made history: “Damn the torpedos. Full speed ahead.”

Stopping Trump is from now until election day in November my goal.


June 8, 2016

Ten Books

by Ed Chasteen


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Greater Liberty

101 Bicycle Stories

52 Saturdays Years after Summer of ’87

A Start-Up Kit for a Fairy Tale

Biking to Breakfast in Greater Liberty

Counterpoint: Life Beyond a Damnable Disease

HateBusters Bulletins

How To Like People Who Are not Like You

My Life on a Bicycle

Thinkin’ and Livin’ by Bicycle

William Jewell College: My Camelot

I learned to write before I learned to ride, but riding and writing morphed almost into one when I was young and became as I grew older the central theme around which my life revolves.

I taught Race Relations at William Jewell College for 30 years and left before I was 60 to devote full time to HateBusters, a project my students and I had started years earlier. My wife and I have lived in the same house for 50 years, my house and my college just two miles apart in a town called Liberty.

That summer when school was out and I rode my bicycle alone and without money from Orlando to Seattle to Anaheim, Disney World to Disneyland, I rode 125 miles on my longest days. So when I was home I drew a 125-mile circle around our town and dubbed this place Greater Liberty, promising to help anyone in this place targeted by hate because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin.

Whatever they need, we provide. Free of charge. At HIGH NOON. Within three days.

We are all volunteers. No one is paid. But we do have expenses. We accept donations. If you think what we do is helpful, I invite you to go to or and click on Donate, and using PayPal make a donation of whatever amount you choose. Then indicate the name of the E-book you would like from the above list. I will send you that book by email. I will enter your name as one of our supporters and inform you when someone needs us.


Ed Chasteen