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My Gift to My College and My Church

February 4, 2014

My Gift to My College and My Church

from Ed Chasteen

I wrote the 10 books listed below while teaching at William Jewell College and belonging to Second Baptist Church. I give them now  to both, each to share equally in funds raised by sale of my books. During my lifetime, I will administer the sale of my books and distribution of funds to the college and church. Upon my death, William Jewell and Second Baptist will together administer the sale and distribution, and share equally in the proceeds.


How To Like People Who Are not Like You 1976

“Profoundly simple, as well as simply profound, this is a three step formula for building human beings. I can’t imagine anyone not finding this book to be a most wonderful resource.” The Dubrow Newsletter, February 1995

Runner 1980

“The best and most effective kinds of profundity often are couched in the simplest and least assuming language. From the secure world of family and friends, Runner takes us on a philosophic journey through the uncharted world of self.” A reader

Counterpoint: Life beyond a Damnable Disease 1983

“From the beginning to the end, I was never in control when reading this book. Each time I read, I felt as if I were in another world. I’ve cried, smiled, frowned and even laughed through the entire book. “ A reader

Pedalin’ Pilgrim–Alone and without Money across America 1987

This is the story of an old man whose brains have dried up from knowing too much about man’s inhumanity to man. Rather than surrender, though, he mounts a crusade. Calling himself “Pedalin’ Pilgrim,” he gets on a bicycle in Orlando, bound for Los Angeles. By way of Seattle. Disney gives him a sendoff. If he makes it to Anaheim, Disney will give him a reception.

A Fairy Tale: Phillip of Sapphire College and Those Who Could not Hate 1988

Phillip has loved fairy tales since he was a boy and listened every Saturday to Let’s Pretend on the radio. He has loved church since he first saw those stained glass windows and that cavernous a three year old. And he has loved school since he enrolled in Miss Lula Douse’s first grade class at Santa Fe Elementary School. He wants to combine these three loves of his life.

HateBuster Bulletins 1996

HateBusters began that fall morning in 1988 when I went into my yard and picked up the morning paper. Big headlines screamed: “Klansman Elected to Louisiana Legislature.” I had been teaching Race Relations at William Jewell College for years, telling my students that’s it’s never enough just to know. We  must be willing instantly to act on what we know,

William Jewell College: My Camelot 2005

“Those of us who are fortunate enough to work at William Jewell College know that it is a magical place. And no one knows that better than Ed Chasteen, professor emeritus of sociology and anthropology. As you will read in the pages that follow, Ed came to Jewell in the summer of 1965. He had planned to stay only a year or two. But the college wove its spell around Ed and his family, and a year or two quickly turned into 30.” Dr. David Sallee, President, William Jewell College

Thinkin’ and Livin’ by Bicycle 2009

“You can’t go home again, Arthur,” Merlin said gently to me. With my magic, however, I will bring your home to Nevaeh. Your house, your street, your mother and dad and your school and church and all your friends will be here. You won’t know it from where you were before. You will go to sleep tonight and when you wake up in the morning you will think this has all been a dream. But you will live the rest of your life here in Nevaeh. Peace and Power and Purpose and Joy will be with you always. You won’t see them again with your eyes, but you will feel them in your heart. And you won’t see me again, Arthur. But as I have spoken, so shall it be.

101 Bicycle Stories 2010

Thirty-five years would pass between the time I learned to ride as a boy and the time I took it up again. Another doctor prompted this reunion. He told me I have MS. He said I couldn’t be active. I was for a long while utterly depressed. Then belligerent. I’d show him. I got on my son’s old bicycle and began to ride. Across the country. Coast to coast. By myself. With no money.

My Life on a Bicycle 2013

For Christmas when I was ten, Mother bought me a used bicycle and taught me to ride. She would hold me up and run along beside me until I was going fast enough to remain upright. The sidewalk that ran past our house ended abruptly a few blocks later, and more than once I lost my balance and fell where the sidewalk ended. I began to fear arriving at that place.