Magic Journey


November 17, 2012

By Ed Chasteen

Just an ordinary day;

Suddenly you’re on your way

To a place that cannot be

from the Walt Disney World 3-D film, Magic Journey


Any one of our 12 Greater Liberty Inner Sanctum Cafes could be our breakfast destination this glorious morning. And a glorious morning it is! Blue sky. Sun. Little wind. Near 40 degrees.

Fubbler’s Cove awaits. Flattest route around. “A few bumps in the beginning,” Doug observes, meaning to minimize the two hills on Ruth Ewing, immediately after a hard left off Birmingham Road. Across 291 to Liberty Landing Road to Old 210. Seven miles later comes a long slow climb near Missouri City on New 210. Then flat again as we ride the shoulder. Two miles this side of Orrick we climb the viaduct over the railroad tracks. Then flat again through river bottom land to the OZ intersection, where a right turn onto Z brings us soon to Fubbler’s Cove at 109 West South Front Street.

This morning Adrian turns left onto O for three miles of the steepest hills in north Missouri. Paul turns back. Toward Liberty. The others of us settle at the Fubbler’s table prepared for us. I had told Kim by bike phone yesterday to set places for a dozen of us. Kim McGinnis has welcomed us the last several times. She is assisted this morning by Kaylee. Kim is understanding when I tell her that I never really know how many riders we’ll have on a given Saturday and that this morning I’ve been less than half-right.

Kim takes our orders, and soon the five of us ( Dave Wood, Steve Hansen, Doug Regester, Bill Hessel, Ed Chasteen) are busy with pancakes, biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns sausage and eggs, coffee, ice tea and lots of water.

Steve and I were speculating back at the bike shop as our 8 o’clock launch time approached and our numbers remained small. We mentioned some we knew were having health problems. The approaching holiday. New jobs. Family obligations. Too many good things and so little time.

But now as I compose this message to you, I open the file in my email address book and scroll through the 433 names of all of you who have ridden at least once with us to breakfast. And in my mind you were there at Fubbler’s Cove this morning for breakfast.



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