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Riding for Beth Scarborough

May 31, 2009

By Ed Chasteen

             Beth lives in Texas, my home state, though not hers, Married to a military husband, Beth has lived all over the map. Her daughter, Christy, graduated high school in Alaska. Christy went to college and seminary. She met Jason Edwards. They got married. On Easter Sunday this year, Jason came as pastor of my church, Second Baptist, here in Liberty. So came Christy, Jason and five-month old, Jackson, to our town and church. Beth and husband, Ed, came for Jason’s installation. I met Beth. And learned she was diagnosed with MS in 1998. We talked. I told her about our annual Greater Liberty Ride for MS. I promised to do something special for her.

            This is it. I will ride our Greater Liberty Ride for MS this year in Beth’s honor. I will ride the MS Ride this September for Beth. I knew in the instant of our meeting that Beth lives above and beyond whatever the condition that prompted the cane in her hand. Joy is visible in her face. Her bearing is that of a victor, one at peace with life, at ease in her own skin and with other people. I suspect Beth will journey often from Waco to Liberty in the years just ahead. I find that a most pleasant thought.


Fubbler’s Cove

May 24, 2009

Fubbler’s Cove

Friday, May 22, 2009

By Ed Chasteen


            Amanda brings my ice tea soon as I’m seated. She’s back momentarily with a heaping plate of fish fillets, French fries and a small bowl of cole slaw as good as any I’ve ever eaten. Coming by bike has stoked my appetite and arriving at 11:30 has put me here before the lunch crowd commanders the Friday special. Amanda has waited on me many times over several years. I’ve come today with news for her. “Amanda, our Saturday Riders are coming to breakfast tomorrow. About a dozen I’m guessing. Should be here about nine.” “I’ll be off tomorrow,” Amanda says. “I’ll tell Heather. She’ll take care of you.” “Great!” I say. “I won’t be with them tomorrow. I’m doing a charity ride with one of our members. But they will be here.”

            A few minutes later Amanda is talking to a woman at a nearby table. “I was sorry to hear about your fire,” the woman says. “What fire?” I ask. “My house burned,” Amanda says. “On May 5. Our two cats perished. We saved some of our clothes. We’re getting a trailer.”

            I leave a bigger tip. And wonder what more we might do!